Lecture | Genome-organizing functions of the nuclear pore complex

Topic:Genome-organizing functions of the nuclear pore complex

Time:Feb 7th 16:15-17:15

Add:Watson lecture hall in Cold Spring harbor Asia DNALC

Pau Pascual Garcia

Dr. Pau Pascual Garcia is a molecular biologist doing his research in the laboratory of Dr. Maya Capelson at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his PhD at the University of Valencia in Spain studying the relationship of transcriptional processes coupled to mRNA export. 


After his PhD he moved to the Salk Institute in San Diego, CA where he continued his research in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Hetzer studying a particular set of proteins called Nucleoporins and their role in gene transcription.His current research at UPenn in Philadelphia regards the role of Nucleoporins in genome organization. 


His most recent publication describes how one of these proteins, Nup98, acts as a platform at the nuclear envelope to physicalyl connect genetic elements in order to promote gene transcription.
You can click http://www.cell.com/molecular-cell/meet-the-author/pau-pascual-garcia to know more about Dr. Pau Pascual Garcia.